RPS Design is a full service Architectural Design firm working to enhance the built environment in Marin County and the surrounding North Bay area since 2003. Rob Suttman’s holistic approach to design examines all aspects of the project needed to deliver a beautiful and functional product to each client.

The North Bay is rich with unique communities. Each locale has its own character and each neighborhood has its own special charm. A home designed to work well in Mill Valley may not succeed in Fairfax. And the needs of one family will rarely translate to a home designed for another family. At RPS Design we seek design outcomes that are tailored to enhance the specific lives of our clients and that are a positive addition to the communities in which they are built.

Rob’s studies at The Kent State University School of Architecture and Environmental Design afforded him a firm foundation on which to build his architectural skills. Since his graduation in 1994, he has plied his trade in Ohio, Florida, Santa Barbara California and Marin County. In all his life and work in these diverse locations, Rob has sought to absorb the visual and functional texture that makes each place unique. He carries these experiences with him today and draws on this three-dimensional data base to enrich his design vocabulary. Rob is always building on the foundations laid in Kent, Ohio.

Let us help you build a dream to live in.


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